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Company Background

Professional Accounting Service Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1996 by Mrs Jasmeetkaur Kharnijor.

The company was originated to serve the account book keeping services from the request of our first group of clients. The business has been growing since then and now have employed more than 30 staffs and serves more than 150 clients.

To support our growing number of clients, we moved to several locations in the past, and in the year 2019, we moved to our current office in the Nong-pakrang district. This is to properly provide services to our clients.

The core foundation of our business are client, quality and excellence. We put our client first, and serve according to their business demands with quality and excellence through our deep understanding of both business and proficient expertise.

The award and certification we received from the Department of Business Development (DBD) for A Certified Quality Accounting Practice and ISO9001:2015 were the best supporting evidence for us to live our values.

Company Mission

Professional Accounting Service Co.,Ltd. and its subsidiaries are a professional accounting and consulting firm which aim to provide excellent services to our clients using our expertise through our people.

Our clients’ needs are the center of our attention. We work hand in hand with our clients as equal partners to retain client satisfaction and achieve their desire business results.

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Vision and Quality Policy

It is our vision to be the go-to accounting and consulting firm for our clients and potential clients which can provide all sort of business and accounting related services.

This is to be a business partner that can deliver and support them to achieve their business goals and objectives.

Meet the PAS Team

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Jasmeetkaur Kharniyor
Managing Director
30+ YOE
Qualification: CPA certified, Special advisor CMU

Past experience:

- Be a supreme leader, directing and guiding the firm towards the future and its challenges

- Certified auditor for both complex and large organization across Thailand

- Trusted advisors to medium to large organizations such as Sriphat medical center

- Be a guest speaker and lecturer for government institutions and universities

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Koravich Kharnijor
Senior Manager
10+ YOE
Qualification: Organization Development practitioner

Past experience:

- Lead consulting / registration / and digital accounting practice

- Project director in F&A forensic / investigation and process improvement initiative in multi industries

- Experienced in HR consulting and organization development initiatives for multinational firms and SMEs in Thailand and other countries

- Strategy consulting and IT related consultations

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Piyaporn Kharnijor
8+ YOE
Qualification: Human Resources & Operation Manager

Past experience:

- Lead of Human Resources / Recruitment / Training Development

- Lead of Operation in organization / online Marketing

- Experience in Hospitality & Tourism Industries in International brands

- Lead of Payroll / Paymaster

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Kannapa Yokyong
10+ YOE
Qualification: Auditing Manager,Tax Auditor

Past experience:

- Led auditing projects for small and medium companies across the country

- Certified tax auditor and provide practical and guidance in tax related matters

- Lead the accounting workstream in related to hospitality management industry

- Be a guest speaker and trainer for tax, auditing, and accounting courses

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Kullarat Kum-on
15+ YOE
Qualification: Lead the business registration and Quality Development

Past experience:

- Lead the business registration practice for the firm, provide government related administration activities guidance to the client

- Internal general manager and provide related support to internal staffs and clients

- Lead the personal tax consultation for the clients

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Punpilai Noja
15+ YOE
Qualification: Accounting Manager

Past experience:

- Lead the accounting workstream in related to Real estate