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If you’re running a business in Thailand, it’s essential to have a trusted, experienced partner you can rely on. Otherwise, you can quickly find yourself in a financial or legal mess!

We support our clients with our vast knowledge, experience and expertise. As a leader in Accounting and Business consulting for the northern region, our goal is to make your business (and life) easier!

Why Choose Professional Accounting Services?

We’re fully accredited, qualified and highly experienced – here’s what makes us extra special!

Cinque Terre

Mrs. Jasmeetkaur Kharniyor Managing Director,Special advisor CMU,CPA

Cinque Terre

Mr. Koravich Kharnijor
Senior Manager, Consulting

Customer Success Focus

You are our priority, we put your success at the center of our attention

Quality and Standard Driven

Technical expertise comes first, quality and standards are in our DNA

Driving for Excellence & Growth

Here to support you through all challenges and help you grow


Accounting & Bookkeeping

Flexible Bookkeeping services tailored to your business

Auditing Service

Professional auditing for statutory or regulatory reasons

Internal Control & Fraud Litigation

Get reassure that tax internal risks are properly managed

Payroll & Paymaster

Staff salary and tax calculations handled in absolute secrecy

Business Consulting

Boost your organization's internal performance and efficiency

Recruitment & Training

Get help finding the most suitable candidates and improve their capabilities

Business Registration Visa & Work Permit

Get your business setup and your visa/work permit ready

Accounting Software

Cloud-based accounting applications for your business

Serving 150+ clients in over 26 years in Thailand

Looking for a professional accounting and consulting service in Chiang Mai?


Professional Accounting Services Co.,Ltd.

Our office in Northern Thailand has over 30 professional accountants and consultants who serve clients both in-person and online.

We are based at No. 60 Village No. 2, Nong Pa Khrang Subdistrict Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai Province 50000, Thailand.

We’re also able to fully support you virtually, via email or phone 053-241979

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Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre

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